Pallet Racking System is the most common, economic and easy to use system among all storage systems. Each pallet can be located relocated individually without moving other pallets.
An endless variety of storage configurations and systems are possible, ensuring that the most cost effective solution can be tailor made to suit your specific requirements.
Pallet Racking System is designed and installed to comply with customer needs and requirements from small warehouses to huge distribution centers.

The width of corridor between racks depends on handling equipment used inside of warehouse. There is no limit in height of such racking system.

  • There is possibility to store all type of pallets with different sizes and weight;
  • Direct control of each pallet leads to keep pallets in a good conditions;
  • It can be combined with longspam beams for manual selection of goods.

Installation of this type of racking system doesn’t require specialist, it’s enough to install according to installation instruction.

Selective Pallet Racking System is compatible with most types of handling equipments and building structures. Therefore various storage possibilities can be created.