Self Supported System, as the name of it suggests, is supported by itself as a building together with side and roof cladding. It does not need to build walls and roof as needed for conventional warehouses.

Self Supported System is consists of Racks, making the whole building.
In this case you can economy around 18%-27% of total cost comparing with ordinary system: constructing a building and purchasing racking system.
There are no building columns inside of such system which allows using maximum horizontal space.

Moreover, there is no limit in height space. Temesist is able to provide such system up to 40m height. The height of such system is defined by local standards and by the reach height of handling equipment.

For this type of warehouse the shelving facility not only supports the load of stored products, but also load of the whole structure, as well as external actions, such as wind and snow. Seismic factors of the region, where warehouse should be constructed, are taken into account during preparing seismic calculation report including wind and snow loads.

Clad Rack Warehouses are provided as turn-key projects including structure itself, sandwich panels for covering the structure, sectional doors, and ramps if required.
Clad Rack Warehouse is possible to integrate with Automated System, where Stacker Cranes robots load and unload products on each shelf up to 40m height, which maximize storing space and speed up circulation of the goods inside of warehouse.


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