The ideal solution to optimise your warehouse operations!

Temesist storage system is different because it is a very flexible solution to meet every storage requirement of it’s customers.
It is the most common, economic and versatile system of all storage systems.
Each pallet can be located relocated individually without moving other pallets.
Possibility to work with forklifts.

An endless variety of storage configurations and systems are possible, ensuring that the most cost effective solution can be tailor made to suit your specific requirements.
It is designedand installed to comply with customer needs and requirements from small warehouses to huge distribution centres.

Height flexible modular system.
The Back to Back System is compatible with most types of handling equipments and building structures.
Therefore various storage possibilities can be created.

It is suitable for storing archive boxes, plans and files.
With this system many accessories are available hich allows companies to store their goods directly or n boxes, barrels or on pallets.
The claw structured sleepers provide connection to poles for safety.
The Back to Back Racking System is very strong and rigid therefore products are protected from compression and other damages.

Sleepers thickness is determined by product types.
It gives flexibility to height and width sizes for the base and sleepers.
Fast installation with easy assembly feature.