Pallet Radio Shuttle

Without the forklifts need to navigate warehouse corridors.
Shelves along the installation and facilitating the evacuation of products with automatic carrier high density storage system.
In additıon the operator can using a few unit remote control for radio control movements shuttle. Shuttle is able to stock a pallet in the last Available position of the rack. Can handle different sizes 1mt/sn 1500kg.
With travel speed up to 1mt/sn and loads up to 1.500 kg.Can be handled manulay using a conventional forklift. Instalation is a matter of a few minutes.Has its control unit and electrical supply system.

Compared to the classical solutions DRIVE IN,DRIVE THROUGH gravity
Operator busy time can be reduced up to %50.
Maximum utilizationof storage capacity with electronically check of pallet handling.
Lower risk of errors due to operator handling.
Reduction of manoeuvre for forklift operatıons.
Can be runn Automatic version without the need for operator
Can receive commands directly from WMS (Warehouse management system)
Will be complete the missing received from WMS by itself
Shuttle is free to move after setting
Batteries can be charged on board during short rests between cycles of work
-30 degrees ability to work up to cold room storage

General Specification
Shuttle system is constructed according to higher quality standards
It fulfills European norms

System is supplied with:
Battery pack already installed
Temesist battery charger
Remote controller
Use and maintenance manual,declaration of conformity and C.E mark


Catalogue & Brochure

Pallet Radio Shuttle Catalogue