Automated Storage Systems

Automated storage system is generally preferred for storing bulk and heavy duty products, allows to enlarge storing capacity in height for big producers and distributor centers.
System mostly works full automatic and unmanned, and controlled by WMS program.

    The advantages of the Automated Systems (AS/RS) shortly can be listed as follows:
  • Quick and correct dispatching;
  • Control and managing by WMS system, eliminating manual management mistakes;
  • Save time during loading and unloading;
  • Increase circulation of the products for 3-5 times;
  • Delivery of the goods without delay;
  • Online stock control;
  • Decrease of material transportation cost.
    Sectors where AS/RS System is mostly preferable:
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Logistics
  • Distribution storages
  • Airfreight managements
  • White goods/electronic goods storage
  • Automotive spare parts